Can you? Will you?


Have you ever thought… “I’m going to…..” …. ride my bike, eat better, eat less, cook meals more often, go to yoga!, take a nap, stop and smell some of those flowers.  Well, then this blog is for you!

For one week, something to change about ourselves will be posted.  It may be something you are interested in or maybe not.  Maybe it’s something you are already doing?  well, then, the challenge may be to step it up a little.

I started thinking about all the times I’ve thought “I really need to… eat less sugar, run more miles,  run farther without grumbling the whole time… “… it’s a long list we don’t need to go over the entire thing now 🙂  But, I have learned that I can change things in my life by making small commitments to them.  By saying, “for one week…” everything seems possible.

You may be asking yourself “what if I change my mind?!”… well, the fantastic thing is… I have no idea who you are and will not kick your door in to make sure you are following strictly what the week’s ‘goal’ is.  By attaining the goal, even if it’s only for a few days, you will notice some things may change for you.  You may feel better, happier.  You may want to try it again, only for a few more days.  The point of this blog is to be here for moral support and for a fun way to try to change some habits.

No worries, I promise not to do “let’s do without sugar” over Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Christmas.  I’m certainly not going to set myself up for failure nor you! 🙂

Feel free to write in about what you are experiencing throughout the week.  New challenges will begin a few days after one has ended.

So, let’s get started….


13 Responses to “Can you? Will you?”

  1. Kim said

    Okay Jen! I am in!!! 🙂

  2. Renee Stahl said

    Funny you doing this. I am addicted to Corn Chips, I do buy organic at least, but I have a few things going on with my body that I have thought… maybe I should ditch the thing I eat EVERY day and see how I feel. As a Master Herbalist I have learned and know that we tend to crave and eat what we are actually allergic to or maybe even not a full on allergy, but what it is causing an irritant in the body because we tend to OVER consume what we like. Anywho… I am in. I will try this and I should probably start with my corn chips! But will try whatever you throw at me!

  3. Paula said

    I will try it! 🙂

  4. Paul said


  5. Tamme said

    I’m in!!!! : )

  6. David McMahon said

    Great start, Jen – look forward to more of your writing and those amazing images you shoot.

  7. Dave Exploring Downes said

    I already quit smoking after 24 years, I think I deserve a break for a few months before I make a dramatic change again. But I’ll be supportive and will give this a try… for a week. 🙂

    • Jen said

      lol… well, luckily this will only be a change for a week 🙂 wow… Dave, huge congrats on quitting smoking! That’s so crazy to think that we were in school together when you started smoking! Amazing! great job 🙂

      • Dave Exploring Downes said

        Yeah, I am not usually one to brag but I have to say it’s pretty amazing. I started when I was 14 and though I never got to the point where I was smoking more than a pack a day, I smoked for 24 years with only a break during basic training (9 weeks) and a 2 week break in ’98.

        I wish I could say that it was my willpower alone, but what it really was that afforded me the strength was my wife. I hated smoking around her because she disliked her parents smoking around her. So while we dated I pushed myself to not smoke around her. Sometimes it was easy, but then other times I found myself making up excuses to not be around her so I could smoke. Then one day I realized I was lying to her by doing this. We have an open relationship built on trust and honesty and I asked myself why I would feel the need to lie to her about my smoking habit. After that it was easy for me to just ask myself if I wanted to be with her or the cigarette more. She won, easily. I am ashamed that I even formulated the question at all. April 12th, 2010 I quit, just stopped. No promise, no patch, no change in habit. I just told myself that she was more important. I’m fortunate though, for smoking as long as I did. Because now, I have no excuse to allow anything to get in my way.

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