Challenge 1 – Acknowledge


Hello 🙂

As promised, the first challenge.  I’ll admit it was challenging to come up with something that I thought everyone might consider doing and be able to do for an entire week.  I felt cutting out chocolate was too desperate… errr…. I mean… well, chocolate is a staple. Of mine.  lol

First challenge, this week, from Monday to Sunday, greet each person you come in contact with by using their name.  I’m talking about the cashier at the grocery store, the wait staff at the restaurants, the person at Starbucks.  Whoever that person is.  Now, this may require a little bit of detective work on some part (like checking the name tag or receipt).  It may not be easy every time.  But, watch what happens when you do.  Be mindful of how you feel and of any reaction from the person you are addressing.

Some of you do this anyway and I think because I’ve almost always been in retail (and had to go through professional training with the Ritz Carlton) that I learned what a true difference this can make.  I think it’s a perfect place to start.  You have the power to change some one’s day by acknowledging them.  You’ve made them a real person and not just some servant set out to help you.

So, those of you that do this anyway and would like more of a challenge… you have the same task, with a twist.  Acknowledge, by name, and with a smile… someone you dislike 😉  You can do it… who knows what will happen.  But, whatever happens, feel free to let us know here… I’d love to know how everyone’s week goes….

**My friend, Ang, brought up a great question:  What if you can’t get their name?  Then make eye contact with them.  Let them know you “see” them.  No ogling…. you know who you are! lol 🙂


6 Responses to “Challenge 1 – Acknowledge”

  1. Brian said

    I can get into this one. I have made half-hearted attempts on my own before. But I’ve never really been challenged to do it. Thank you.


  2. Dave Exploring Downes said

    I’ll search for someone I dislike, but realistically this isn’t going to be easy for me. I already say hello to everyone by their first name and I can’t think of a single person I dislike. Well that is accessible at any rate.

    • Jen said

      Even if you can’t… it’s already made you aware of how much you value others and I think that in itself is amazing 🙂

  3. Paul said

    I’m in!

  4. leslie wood said

    This sounds awesome Jen!! I am going to give it a serious go. I’d have to say I do this maybe 50% of the time and you are very right when you say it makes a difference to people!!

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