Challenge 1- Acknowledge / Midweek


I’ve heard back from my yoga students and from friends who have been being mindful this week of the people they have come into contact with.  I have to say, I was more happy to hear it than anyone will know.  Because the one thing I’d forgotten to mention and the real reason that I try to practice this as much as often is because I love to see that light and smile on someone’s face when I acknowledge them.  Because more often than not, that person will acknowledge someone else and so on and so forth.  You are paying it forward without realizing it… making the world a happier place by acknowledgment.  How wonderful.

I had a student tell me today how her server hadn’t been wearing a name tag and she’d had to ask her what her name was.  She then proceeded to tell her (the server) what a great job she’d done (while addressing her with her name) and she said she could visibly see the difference it made to her server.  The best thing?  she got to feel good too.  It seems like it’s something we are doing for someone else… but, really, we benefit from it as much… maybe more.  And, I got to feel great too because my student thanked me for the opportunity to have the experience…. life is curious and fantastic 🙂

Much love x


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