Challenge 2 – A Walk A Day…


…might make you happier 🙂  Maybe you’ll find a bag of money… well, I have to make up something to get you out there!

This weekend is Halloween.  Quite a few of you will be out there walking around on that day helping your children stock up on a year supply of candy, so, that’s one day down.

I’ve noticed myself, that I’ve sort of stopped going outside much.  Too much work, too chilly, too many excuses.  So, this week, it’s ‘Get your butt outside and walk week’.  The longer you walk the better, but, I think a goal of no less than a brisk 15 minute walk to start would be good.

I’m not a doctor, so, you may want to check with your doctor first before doing ANYTHING I suggest.  But, if you decide to walk with abandon here are some interesting facts and tips you might want to consider:

1.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Not expensive necessarily, but, something with a cushioned heel, flexible sole, etc.

2. You won’t have to see people in spandex… unless you live in Denver where the man in the full purple bodysuit speed walks.  Oh yikes.

3.Walking strengthens the legs, back and heart.

4.  Helps give you stronger bones (this is actually fascinating… did you know that your body will build more bone simply by the tendons pulling on the muscles which are attached to the bone?)

5.  And, it’s FREE!

Lastly, like I said, who knows what you’ll find… a bag of money, a lost kitty, a dead body… I mean the opportunities are endless!

Now start walking! 😉


4 Responses to “Challenge 2 – A Walk A Day…”

  1. Tamme said

    You got it Jen – I’m really hoping for the dead body thing – LOL – (just hope it isn’t mine after I start doing this!!) ; )

    • Jen said

      lol! you’ll be famous! :)… no wait… I’LL be famous!! lol 🙂 yes, please refrain from dying during any of these challenges… that will look very bad for me…lol x

  2. Kim said

    Okay Jen. I will get out and take my dogs on a walk every afternoon…I will do it when my kids get home so they can walk with me! Get their butts outside too. It’s funny that you said you may find a dead body. A few years ago, they did find one on the walking trail you walked with me! I didn’t see it, just heard about it!!! So thanks, I will walk everyday this week (added to my regular workout I am getting back to after the half marathon…I took last week off to rest!)

  3. This one is both easy and hard for me. I am used to training every day so getting out the door to exercise is easy. The hard part is relaxing, being mindful, and enjoying the walk because I would rather be running. Walking is a substitute for running while I am injured, but it can be so much more. For me, the walking part is important to the spirit of your challenge. Thanks.


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