Sugar high?? I don’t think so….


First day with no sugar. Not so bad for the first 2 hours that I was awake… and then, a bit of stress set in and then the cravings for sugar. I am basically a sugar addict, I’ve decided. I may need to go to rehab. I’ve gone without sugar before, so I know I can do it… but, in lieu of this Reiki training where I can have no alcohol, meat or caffeine… and then my food allergies (dairy and gluten)… I’m starting to feel a bit panicked when my stomach rumbles. I ate 2 little containers of the most horrid food on the planet: bbq tofu… the name makes me want to throw up.

I was starting to stress out so much today that I felt like I needed a giant hug and a shoulder to cry on… sob on….. and possibly blow my nose on (where did everyone go??).

Sadly, I did eat sugar… I noticed around 2 that I really started wanting something sweet and held it off until 4 when I said, “just one”… which somehow translated into 4 little Halloween candies (all chocolate).

So, what I learned… chocolate is the best frickin’ thing on the planet…. oh, yeah, sorry… okay, what I learned is this:

  • 1. Stay hydrated, drink lots of water (I’ve had none today). I’ve nearly convinced myself I was a camel in a past life (except my spitting skills suck).
  • 2. Eat a snack as soon as you start to feel hungry. And, I’m guessing, (since I failed miserably today I can’t say for sure)… but, I’m guessing that carrots, apples, oranges… something with natural sugar in it will curb the craving.
  • 3. Throw all of the candy and sugary foods out with the trash (don’t laugh, I’ve done this many many times) πŸ™‚
  • 4. Brushing your teeth can kill those cravings.

You know what else I learned today? That every single food (that I want to eat) has sugar in it. My soy yogurt (which is fairly weird all in on its own) has 21 grams of sugar! That’s a huge amount! Ketchup is loaded with sugar, one of my favorite, healthy, organic, all natural soups has 12 grams of sugar, our bread has sugar, crackers have sugar, pickles have sugar (and food coloring!!)…. you see my point. You don’t have to be as fanatic as I was… and I’d only been curious about the yogurt and then started analyzing everything in the pantry and fridge.

I feel icky… my teeth feel gross and my tummy is not happy. I’m hoping tomorrow I will have learned my lesson from today and make better choices.

How was your day?


5 Responses to “Sugar high?? I don’t think so….”

  1. Tamme said

    I had wine and CHEESECAKE!!!! Ok, I know that was wrong to do and even more wrong to tell you and rub it in like that!! Today so far though – NO SUGAR! Woo hoo! I have found there is and incredible deterrent for pesky sugar cravings but, alas, this is not the forum to reveal it! LOL! (BTW – you make me go a week without that and I will hunt you down!!!) ; )

  2. Paula said

    Your challenge for the week helped me – I looked and looked at the 1/2 price Halloween candy aisle and I kept telling Kevin, “but I can’t I am on this try to not eat sugar challenge”! I left the store WITHOUT the candy – wow it was hard to pass up those 1/2 price M & M’s – THANKS JEN! πŸ™‚

    • Jen said

      that’s awesome! πŸ™‚ I love to hear that… those kinds of stories will help me too, so thanks so much for sharing, Paula πŸ™‚

  3. I had sugar on my cereal this morning – and it felt GREAT, Jen!

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