Day 2: No Sugar


Saying that I had “no sugar” is hardly the truth.  The rice milk I drink that is unsweetened has 14 grams of sugar per 8 oz!!  And, it didn’t even taste good!

So far today, I haven’t eaten any candy or refined sugars … although I did lick the outside of some candy wrappers.  Not quite the same.  I also scarfed down some Goji berries… they’d be better covered in chocolate.  Sigh.

I was teaching this morning and it’s a hard class.  It’s a Power Yoga class… but, someone who had previously complained to me that the class was too difficult for them had come in and I panicked a little.  Why?  because I’m a ‘people pleaser’.  Which I think has led to my over-consumption of sugar (seriously!).  I changed the entire class… for one person… and left the others in the class feeling like they could have used more.  More of what?  more yoga, more sweating, more…?  I left the studio feeling a bit off but not really realizing why and it’s because I hadn’t made a strong decision.  I was letting other people make those decisions for me.  Which to me feels the same way when I eat a whole bunch of candy or sweets… that I’m not doing what is the very best thing for me.

So, no sugar today… and no sugar tomorrow.  And, next week… it’s a Power Yoga class… if you show up… prepare to use your ujjayi breathing 🙂  And, it’s okay, you can give me dirty looks… since I’ll have been off sugar for a week I won’t be feeling 1/2 as sweet as I normally do 🙂


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