Day 3: If you don’t eat the entire candy… it doesn’t count right?


Well, I heard that once somewhere and it sounds good.  But, when you need to wade through a pile of them… you might need to start counting… at least a few 😉

Day 3… not so bad although I felt really hungry today.  I did learn something really important about my sugar addiction… I eat sugar when I’m stressed.  I CRAVE it.  And, I did end up having one small candy (Reeses peanut butter cup and I don’t even like those… correction:  I didn’t use to like them…lol).  But overall, considering how much I fought with myself over it… I’m not unhappy.  Besides if I start beating myself up… then I’ll feel like I should give up and my children’s bags of Halloween candy will disappear.  Right into my tummy 🙂

Overall, I feel great.  I’m loving not having the insulin spikes and feel good about making better choices for myself.  I’ve heard from some of you today and yesterday and it sounds like you are all giving it a serious go 🙂  Awesome!  You guys ROCK!

Did someone say rock candy?  or was that Rocky Road ice cream?  hmmm….. (broccoli is yummy, broccoli is yummy, broccoli… gag… is yummy… )





One Response to “Day 3: If you don’t eat the entire candy… it doesn’t count right?”

  1. Tamme said

    OMG – BAD DAY!!!! I’ve eaten bread, chips, and AT LEAST 5 tiny hersheys bar from the Halloween candy bowl!!! Oh, and I had two margaritas with dinner and more bread! UGH!!! I was doing great until about 3 when I got home from work and was freaking out for some reason and just started INHALING everything in site with sugar in it!! HEEEEEELLLLLLLLP!!!!!!

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