Challenge 4: Pamper – End of Week


Challenge 4 is something I appear to be very good at telling other people to do and really suck at doing myself.  I had set out with intentions of… actually had planned out my pampering… a massage here, a bath there (too much information? lol), a yoga class, a run… so, let’s recap what I actually accomplished:  The massage got rescheduled due to other responsibilities.  The bath, who has time to sit in the bath??  The yoga class?  well, I taught 6 times this week, does that count? and a run… does running to Target in my car count?  Yeah, not so much.

But, I still felt relaxed at the end of the week… why?  I’d kept in the back of my mind that during the challenge I was to be pampering myself.  All the time.  I didn’t rush this week.  I didn’t stick to “the plan” but let the edges of my date book become pliable instead of so rigid.  I didn’t run from one thing to the next and stopped to read my book, listen to my favorite music, and ordered a chai once in a while.  And, because of this, I had time to do the things that I wanted to do…. not necessarily what I’d planned to do, but, in a true sense… I was gentle with myself and that’s all I’d hoped for.

Yeah, I nearly fell off my chair laughing when I read that too…. okay…. next week…. a massage 🙂  I didn’t hear about ONE person pampering themselves… except for Kim who came to my power yoga class to be tortured 🙂  Let’s hear about what you did!  Yoga? eat some chocolate covered raisins? watch Kung Fu Panda (I did!)? …. let’s hear it! 🙂



One Response to “Challenge 4: Pamper – End of Week”

  1. Paula said

    No pampering – wanted to get my hair done – still not done – and no long baths either! 😦 I did think about it a lot, but never got any of it done! Had a good week though and am much closer to Thanksgiving Vacation – a huge plus! 🙂

    What’s on for next week? I am find myself wondering during the week what you will come up with next! 🙂

    Love you,
    Paula 🙂

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