Challenge 5 – Fear Factor


Every week I think about what challenge we might do… wanting it to be something that is both challenging but still give you the opportunity to have the experience of changing a small part of your life a week at a time.

So, for this week the challenge that kept coming to mind over and over was:  Fear.  We all have those things we fear.  Some of the fears are realized and sometimes unfounded… but, nevertheless, they still keep us from doing things in our life that we might want to.

This weekend, I attended a workshop on inversions (getting upside down) and arm balances (yoga).  One of the fears I’ve always had is falling.  I put what was around 900 lbs. of pressure on my knee when I was skiing once because of this fear and ended up seriously injuring myself.

I’m not sure where my fear of falling originated, but, it kept me from learning to ride a bike until I was almost 10.  That’s something I’m actually quite embarrassed about and now have shared it with the world… yikes ;).  It kept me from getting better at rollerblading and skiing.  Climbing down anything steep (loose rock especially) is almost impossible for me and it’s something I wish didn’t have such a hold on my life.

During the workshop I had a chance to try the pose that has become the hardest (most fearful) for me.  Forearm balance.  I’d fallen on my face a couple of times attempting this pose and never had the chance to try it again (with assistance).  My heart was beating so fast!  I think our teacher sensed my fear (could have been my wild-eyed expression of fear…lol) and walked over to help.  I got one leg up…. then, the other… and…. fell on my face… ungracefully.  He told me to try it again.  I didn’t want to.  I sat adjusting the block in front of me while breathing deeply trying to calm myself.  I made it up in my mind to do the pose and not fall.  I knew that meant adjusting my shoulder placement and really focusing on keeping my arms strong… and… I was up!  Terrified… but up 🙂

The pose still scares me.  I’m not confident with it but it’s something I really want to know how to do.  So, this week, every day… I’m going to attempt to do it.  I reserve the right to quit on a day that I break my nose 🙂

So, what is it that you are afraid of?  And, if your fear truly warranted?  Are you in physical danger?  If not, then, this week’s challenge will be to find that one thing you are afraid of and do it every day.  You can do it once… but, you aren’t going to master it unless you continue to make yourself do it.

Challenge starts Monday.

Also, I am not a doctor so if you have any questions or concerns please contact him or her before doing any challenge.

Love and Happiness, Jen


3 Responses to “Challenge 5 – Fear Factor”

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  2. Stephanie said

    Oh my. You don’t make this easy, do you?

    I’m afraid of so much that it would take me days to recite it all. Sincerely. I’ve had a very abuse-filled life until about 2 years ago and it’s left me mostly afraid of humans in general. I’m also deathly afraid of anger from others. Even if it’s not aimed directly at me. I still have pretty stellar nitemares, so I guess waking up is always good for numbing the mindkiller.

    Fear *is* the mindkiller, you know.

  3. Brian said

    Fear? Yes, even Marines have fear. Which one to tackle? Good challenge, Jen.

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