Additional Challenge -(30 days)


In addition to Challenge 5 – Fear Factor I am running a 30 day challenge for myself.  Anyone that wants to participate is welcome to.

I had started to notice that my normally lean body was becoming… not so lean.  And, I wasn’t doing some of the things that I love to do:  photography and running.  So, I had to take a step back and decide why I wasn’t doing these things.  For photography it was because when I’m feeling rushed or stressed, I find it harder to be creative.  For the running, it was an excuse mostly.

The last race I ran I was in excruciating pain from my knee.  Not the knee that has had all the surgeries… but the one that has had to overcompensate for the weak knee for the past 10 years.  So, out of fear of what that might mean, what injury might be in my future, what surgeries I might have to have, and from experiencing the pain… I stopped running.

I’d still set out to do a run, but, at the first sign of pain, I’d stop or I’d try to.  I’m not good at telling myself to rest, relax, take it easy and instead of looking out for myself I’d push myself too far.  So, because I felt my best when I was running I’ve decided to commit to myself to run (a little or a lot) for 30 days straight.

I’m a bit inspired by my friend Brian who seems to train rain or shine and somehow always keeping his motivation even when he’s not quite so happy with his times ;).  There is also my friend Kim, who, despite knee pain ran her first 1/2 marathon this year!  So, when I woke up this morning, Day 2 of my own personal running challenge, and woke up to 6 inches of snow and what looked like a giant pillow fight going on outside… I knew I was going to have to run anyway.  Quitting on the 2nd day just didn’t seem right.  And, even though, I detest the cold, I was excited to be keeping a promise that I’d made to myself.  It was a bit like an adventure 🙂  And, I ended up walking quite a bit of the route I’d chosen, but, at least I’d done it.  And, I felt amazingly empowered by it.

So anyone that would like to run with me (figuratively speaking) for the next 30 days…. I’d love the company 🙂

*I want to add that:  lurching, jogging, skipping, walk / running… are all acceptable.  The point is for 30 days put your running shoes on and say “I’m going running”.  If you run to the neighbors driveway and stop to lay in the grass… that’s great!  Get up walk to the next neighbors driveway and challenge yourself to run to the next.  Another benefit from this… someone, I guarantee it, will see you running / walking / lurching… and they will be motivated just by seeing you.  You can be that person to make a difference in someone’s life… maybe your neighbor, a coworker, your children, a spouse…. maybe your best friend, but definitely, the biggest difference you will make is in yourself

Hugs 🙂


4 Responses to “Additional Challenge -(30 days)”

  1. Iris Mackenzie said

    I think I’ll keep you company, at least in the exercise part! I have put on a bit of unwanted weight as well. I will however be walking for the time being and on a tread mill, if that is all right with you.

    All the best, Jen.


    • Jen said

      Of course, Iris! 🙂 Happy to have you along. And, remember it’s not how far, fast, you go, but, that you make a commitment to yourself to do it everyday 🙂 We’ll be able to choose fun things come New Year’s instead of our usual standby’s 😉 lol
      All the best to you, too, Iris xo

  2. Kim said

    This is great Jen! I am so excited to be a part of your challenges! I, myself have set challenges for this week. Because of you, I am more inspired to make those little and the bigger changes in my life I have been putting off…such as, doing something for me, giving up bad things for my body one week at a time, believing in myself again, etc. So this month I am going to join you! For the next 30 days (starting today), I will commit to a healthy holiday season full of great things for my mind, body and spirit! Therefore, I will run with you and do my P90X! I will not wait for the DREADED New Year’s resolution…I am making my life’s resolution starting today and every day after that! I may not run everyday for the next 30 days due to the exertion from X, but I will run on the days I don’t do X! So count me in!!! This is my commitment to myself and to you, as my friend! I want to go this journey with you. I was thinking this morning on my fear I could tackle this week. It’s funny because when I think of my biggest fear, heights came to my mind first. Then I thought to myself, how could I overcome that everyday this week. In my thought process I realized I have so many other fears! One of my biggest fears is failure. I think failure trumps heights for me actually! I hold back, scared to move ahead because of the fear that I will fail or I can’t. So for this weeks challenge, I decided I am going to move forward with some of the simplest things I have pushed aside. I have been thinking of giving up dairy for weeks now! Cheese…lol. So, for this week, I will not consume ANY dairy at all and I will eat healthy. That seems strange that I would choose something this simple as my challenge, but really for me it’s not. You see, I tend to say I am going to do something and never start for the FEAR that I will not follow through. So that is my fear I am going to face head on this week…starting something and sticking to it so I can show myself that fear should not hold me back from taking these babysteps that will turn into huge changes in my life! So there you have it…no dairy this week and workout/running city for the next month! Hell, by time I am well on my way to getting back my lean body I so desire again, most people will only be thinking about what they are going to start doing! Thank you Jen! Love you! xoxo

    • Jen said

      Yeah, fear of failure is a big one and so is fear of success. We get comfortable with our fears and ourselves. It’s incredibly hard to motivate ourselves and the best way is to realize that you a strong, beautiful person and you deserve everything you want in your life.
      Thanks for doing these challenges with me 🙂 It makes it so much more fun! Love you back! xoxo

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