Challenge 6: Thanksgiving


Giving thanks.  There is always lots we can be thankful for but those things aren’t always the easiest  to see when we are buried under work, a pile of bills, or a pile of laundry (my own personal demon).

After last weeks challenge of facing a fear… how did you do?  Were you able to spend at least one day facing a fear you have?  Finding that strength within yourself to try to find a little courage.  That is a true challenge.  And, one that the more you do… the easier it will become.  Now, I did have one of my (male) friends, of course, ask me how I felt about his fear of track jumping (you know when the trains are coming??)… that’s not facing a fear… that’s just stoooopid. 🙂  So please no track / train / plane / car / bull / moose jumping… did I leave anything out? 🙂

For one week… and our challenge on Monday will overlap this one a bit since I’ve gotten a late start this week (sorry about that!)… I want you to find a journal or a notebook.  Maybe scraps of paper.  And, every day, before you go to bed, preferably, I want you to write down something you are thankful for.

It’s called a “Gratitude Journal” and my own personal dear friend and teacher, Jenn, first told me about it.  I started one over a year ago and sometimes I forget to write anything in it because really all I want to do is scribble with a black crayon (and maybe write down some serious profanity) but, it makes me feel happy when I do.  And, I sleep better 🙂

So, give it a try… it’s the perfect week for it.  Start it tomorrow on Thanksgiving, if you want.

Much love to all of you and a Happy Thanksgiving (if it’s something you celebrate).

Jen xo


2 Responses to “Challenge 6: Thanksgiving”

  1. deborah brandon said

    LOVE that Rosemary Scott fav’d your post on redbubble which led me here to your inspirational blog – very grateful to her – as you mentioned above SO many things to be thankful for – taking a moment to reflect leaves you with a happy heart & soul :))

  2. What a fabulous challenge Jen! We all certainly have so many things be thankful for, and we can so easily forget just how special the most important things in our lives are because we get bogged down in all the other details of our lives.
    This is such a great way to take stock & find our centre again….. I’m up for it 🙂

    I think I’m going to begin with saying how thankful I am for this great friend I’ve found in Colorado 🙂

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