The Diet


Every year, people make ‘losing weight’ a New Year’s resolution.  As a rule, I’ve never made this my particular goal as the last thing I want to think about after spending 2 months with my face buried in a trough is now trying to lose some of that food I so happily gorged on. This year was a bit different.

I’ve never had any trouble losing weight and gained it fairly slowly.  But, after starting a new job that I love (and won’t give up no matter how much weight I gain) I realized that “sitting” didn’t really burn that many calories.  So, I bought a new bodybugg to measure my calories.  And, let me tell you… sitting at a computer… burns about as much as sleeping.  No wonder I’d put on 20 or so pounds!

So, I bought a balance ball to sit on while I work…. with the “chair”.  Extra calories burned… zip, zero, nada.  Although, it is fun to bounce on it while I work; however, the rate of deflation is annoying, although, technically pumping it back up does burn a number of calories.

I’ve worked out my entire life.  I was on the track team and actually skipped classes in college so I could work out (neurotic?? me??).  I lived on a rigid diet of absolutely no fat and suffered from painful stomach-aches and ulcers.

So, now, who needs all of that?  Fat is delicious and I couldn’t live my life without Nutella and chocolate.  But, what I could live without, is feeling sluggish and slow.  Feeling depressed over my clothes not fitting the way they should (I can only blame the dryer so many times and it’s even harder when I haven’t dried them… damn air!! *shakes fist at sky).

What am I saying?  Well, I’m in the same boat with a lot of people.  How am I going to lose this weight?  I started going to the gym.  And, yes, I did lose some weight eating at a big calorie deficit, but, still it’s depressing when you know you’ve got weight to lose and it’s not coming off as fast as we visually need it or want it to.

The scale becomes a god that determines how we will feel about ourselves.  And, we happily bow down to it and then slink off when it accusingly tells us that 1) we haven’t lost enough weight or 2) we aren’t losing fast enough or 3) (my most favorite)… we’ve actually gained weight (*lightning strikes).

Gaining the weight was a journey… quite a fun one I might add.  It gets old always saying “I’ll take the healthy option” when we are surrounded on every side by delicious and enticing fattening foods.  We want to make choices for ourselves, we are, after all, grown ups who work hard and deserve it!  But, all of that “entitlement” isn’t doing too much for our bodies.

So, although, this is a ‘weekly’ challenge blog (one that’s been on a bit of vacation) I’m suggesting, if you are trying to lose weight, then think of this as a lifetime change.  A daily (maybe hourly) challenge.

Where do we start?  Well, the basic formula is still true:  Eat Less Move More.  You can always walk a few more trudging steps to burn a couple more calories, but, if you watch what you are eating first… you will eventually have control.  Sounds so easy doesn’t it? (As I sit here with a spoonful of Nutella).  Well, it’s not.  And, what is that saying, “Nothing worthwhile is easy”.  Well, picking flowers is easy and definitely worthwhile!  Okay, and picking flowers can burn calories too!  Win. Win.

There are some sites where you can effectively manage your calorie consumption and burn.  Two of my favorite sites (because the bodybugg is seriously lacking) are:

I know you all have sites that you like to use or recommend and I hope you will leave them in the comments so that our little community of people will be able to choose the one that is right for them.

Now that my life has resumed a bit of normalcy… I’ll resume writing our weekly challenges.  Sometimes finding inspiration can be a struggle… and that is my own personal challenge 🙂

Nice to see all of you again xox


6 Responses to “The Diet”

  1. Paula said

    Thanks for the offer, I will keep it in mind! You are a real sweetie for thinking about me! 🙂 I will be doing something SOON! I will keep you posted! Love you! 🙂

  2. Paula said


    I love this blog! I really need to lose a lot of weight! The Dr. told me that I could eat very little and still stay the same! Talk about depressing! I also am very limited in how much I would be able to exercise – too many health issues. I think if I want to be thin I will have to decide to starve for the rest of my life and I too love food too much to want to have to do that! Love you and thanks for all your thoughts – it does make a difference to me! I am going to find a way to beat this! Love you and hope you can get to where you want to be! 🙂

    • Jen said

      Oh no 😦 It doesn’t sound like there is any support there from your doctor. You might want to join a place like “Weight Watchers” as Heather has recommended. You could begin to work on your weight loss (or staying where you are). It seems that once weight loss begins to take place, some of the health issues begin to resolve themselves as well. Are you able to walk? Even for 1/4 mile amounts…. You could try to get in 10 minutes 3 or 4 times a day…. that with eating the same or less… would still help you begin the process of losing weight 🙂 Paula, if you need anything or want me to research anything for you let me know… I’m happy to do it 🙂

  3. Heather F. said

    Hi Jen!

    I too am trying to get rid of the pounds I very lovingly packed on. I’ve been doing Weight Watchers online for 4 weeks now and have lost 8 lbs.! This weekend I am on a break and eating everything that isn’t nailed down, but tomorrow I will be eating better and smaller. I like Weight Watchers because they never tell you a food is a no-no. You can eat it, you just have to figure out the points and count it. I also like that they have you keep a food journal. It makes you realize what you are eating.
    As for working out, I am doing it at home and right now I am doing yoga and kickboxing. I plan to add and change as I go along.
    I’ll just keep plugging along and I hope to lose at least half of what I need to lose by my birthday in May.

    • Jen said

      I had heard that Weight Watchers was a good program 🙂 I think having the “tools” for weight loss / healthy eating are so important… imperative for success and WW seems to offer that plus the additional support of the program partakers. I’m trying to lose mine by March… lol. I might have to rethink that… 😉 I seem to be okay as long as I don’t eat any kind of carb… but, as soon as I do… then, all hell breaks lose 😉 lol (that would be my ravenous appetite). Good luck, Heather 🙂

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