Write A Love Letter Challenge


I do believe I just heard an audible groan…. 😉

Yes, a love letter.  “But, I’m not a writer!” you say.  Perfect!  You don’t have to be.  Writing a love letter doesn’t have to be a sonnet or lyrical just real love that you can profess in words.

“But, I don’t have anyone to love!” you yell.  This is perfect too… because at some point in everyone’s life we do love someone or something.  And, this is where, you Dear Reader, get to have some fun.

You can write this letter to someone who is alive or has passed away, it can be a pet, an old love, a new love, your child(ren), a spouse, your mother… your local Starbucks barista (yes, Sherrlyn, I mean you). 🙂  Let’s say you love no person and you are allergic to animals… then what?  Well, I can tell you I could write a very long love letter to the “creamsicle” (that orange / vanilla flavored -artificially of course- ice cream bar), my yoga students and even a letter to rain and thunderstorms.

The point of this challenge isn’t to give the letter away.  But, for you to be able to write one.  For you to tap into that sensitive side of yourself and let some of that love outside of your heart and body and into pen and paper, an email, a word doc, or whatever medium works best for you… but, you must use actual words.

If you have someone you would like to send your love letter to… then please do 🙂  You will have something very special to give to your Valentine or just something to brighten that person’s day.

Feel free to post the object of your affections name in the comments below 🙂



4 Responses to “Write A Love Letter Challenge”

  1. micklyn said

    Ok, I’m in for this one : ) My husband’s birthday is on Saturday, I think a love letter is just what he needs.

  2. Sherrlyn said

    What a great challenge. Thank you for coming back and sharing your thoughts and giving me something to think about. I am so Blessed to call you my Friend. XOXO

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