My personal challenge


It’s been one of those days where I just can’t seem to get motivated to do much of anything.  Even though, I know I will regret it as I might feel like I “wasted” a day.  So far, I’ve watched part of “Journey to the Center of the Earth”… when I say “part of it” I really mean about 5 minutes.  I walked 1/2 way to the park with my daughter before she and I realized we were freezing and turned back.  I did learn the neighbors giant poodle’s name:  Snowflake.  My 6-year-old and I had an in-depth conversation on how “Snowball” would have been a much better name since poodles don’t really resemble flakes.  I have manged to do dishes… and drag my feet all over the house in a kind of grudging avoidance of all other chores.  I managed to take some pictures today… but, haven’t bothered to remove them from my CF card or the pictures I took the other day either (now that I think of it).  I set out to go to the gym, but, was instantly deterred by an argument with myself.  I’ve eaten all kinds of things I wouldn’t normally allow, oh, and I spent a great deal of time…. way too much time, watching the satellite move around the globe.  A friend sent me a link and I seem to be obsessed with learning all the countries and surrounding areas.  Somewhere along the way, probably in 3rd grade when I thought that the new girl, Cherokee, must certainly be an Indian and wondering if Indian’s still lived in teepee’s, I missed all about geography and have for way too long thought that if I drove south through Mexico I would one day reach Africa.  I’m not exactly sure what this says about the American school system, but, the satellite has set me straight on how driving to Africa is going to be a bit more challenging than I originally thought.  And, no, driving to Africa is not going to be my personal challenge.

I’ve considered myself a photographer for quite a while now.  But, recently really started to question the validity of that statement.  Is a photographer still a photographer if that photographer isn’t taking pictures?  And, I’m talking for the sake of creativity.

I’d had a personal rule with my photography that I would only shoot images in natural light.  So, (as I look to this giant light tent that I can’t figure out how to get back into this teeny tiny container it came in) I am wondering where all of this gear came from?  Light tents, flashes (which I did need), backdrops, lights, etc.  I’ve gotten away from what I really loved and enjoyed and tried to do something new.

Now normally doing something new is fantastic!  It’s a great way to grow in your skills and learn something about yourself, maybe meet some new friends… but, I have a personality flaw.  Yes, I know, you were all fooled into thinking I am perfect… but, sadly there is ONE.  Just one that I will confess to.  And, that is… if I can’t figure something out… and I mean very quickly… I will beat myself up about it until I do.  Unfortunately, sometimes due to time constraints or just not wanting to have to kick my own arse again… I’ll leave it.  Promising to come back to it later.

So, that is what I have done.  And, months and months later… my camera sits, mostly, unused.  So… the biggest problem… where am I going to put this light tent?!

My new personal challenge:  Take one GOOD photo a week.  I will even stretch this to say that I can turn a bad photo into a good photo by using some of my presets… lol.  I miss feeling creative… and this challenge is purely personal.  However, if you have something you love to do and are missing it… you could make it your own personal challenge to do it too.

Happy Creating 🙂


3 Responses to “My personal challenge”

  1. Paula said

    Thanks Jen! 🙂 I love your blog!

  2. Lucky said

    I miss feeling truly creative about photography too. Sometimes I think I get caught up in the grey area between totally out there creativity and making something that can be coherently understood by the client (and the subject). lol.

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