Autumn… Epic FAIL


Or a fail of epic proportions… So, I stated that I was going to be giving up sugar for one week starting a few days ago.  I have this fantastic detox plan that I was going to do and share with all of you in case you wanted to participate.  However, pretty much as soon as I published the blog post stating that I was giving up sugar… I went to have 1/2 a cookie… I then went back to eat a few more 1/2 cookies.  Even as I sit here, right this very minute, my fingers are sticky with these delicious “organic energy chews” called ‘Honey Stingers’ in fruit punch flavor.  Excuse me while I grab yet another (now I’m squeezing the package to make sure it’s actually empty… sad).  It’s nearly 6 p.m. so the very last thing that I need right now is energy.

Normally, when I begin to remove sugar from my diet I will look on the package for the “Nutritional Facts” and scan down until I find “Sugars”.  I will limit the amount of sugar (that I will consume) to any one item to 5 or less grams.  Would you like to know how many grams of sugar are in these honey chews?  27!  OMG.  If I’d known that I would have had them for breakfast too… I could have really used some energy this morning.

So, sugar….honeybear, sweet cheeks, gumdrop… I think I shall abstain from using these words and stick with names like:  Beef jerky or maybe Protein shake or Filet Mignon (that sort of sounds like “filet of my own” if you slur the words a little).  Sadly, images of the Marlboro man come to mind… he was certainly a bit ‘beef jerky’.

As I’ve completely blown my low / no sugar quest so far this week, I’m going to…. (I so badly want to say, QUIT) but I don’t like to quit anything and love a good challenge.  I had no idea sugar would be such a worthy opponent 😉  Tomorrow I will try again (and tonight I’m going to eat a 5lb bag of sugar) 🙂

If you are struggling with this too, I can tell you what I have been told.  1) That quitting sugar has been likened to quitting heroin (I’ve never tried any other drug… besides sugar so I can’t verify this), 2) that if you can stop or lower your sugar intake considerably for 1 week then your cravings will diminish significantly and 3) I’m sick and tired of everything that I love to eat being bad for me. (Yes, I’m pouting)

I think I will tape together this detox form I had been working towards (I’d, in a fury, cut it up into the tiniest pieces ever  – think ‘Edward Scissorhands’)… that should give me something to do with all this “energy” that I now have.  And, then, I will stomp off to the kitchen to find something… omg… dare I say it…. green.  Gummy bears come in green don’t they?? 😉


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