Dairy… to moooo or not to moo?


Not.  Just put the chocolate milk down and step away slowly….

What IS our obsession with dairy products??  Ok, well, maybe it’s MY obsession with them but sadly, my love affair has come to an abrupt end.  How will the dairy companies survive without me??  (*sob… I miss you yogurt).

My love of all things dairy started as a child and kraft cheese slices.  I’m not entirely sure that these are actually cheese, but, they were yummy and I would eat them one after another.  When I was little we were unaware of the sad things that companies were doing to manufacture their foods so therefore, we were blissfully unaware of the dangers of bologna (!!) and Lucky Charms (omg!!) and if we didn’t have butter with every mean (and lots of it) then, surely there was cream of mushroom soup (on something).

As I got older, I started researching all things nutrition and became an advocate for my own health.  One of the foods that I’ve always felt safe eating is:  Dairy.  And dairy may be a healthy option for a lot of people… but it isn’t for me or my family and I’ll tell you how I figured this out.

Recently, I’d been noticing that on my neck and jaw line I was getting cystic acne.  Painful (painful!) cystic acne that would cover one 1/2 of my neck, close to my jaw line.  It was impossible to cover with make up or treat.  After trying all kinds of acne treatments, mostly all natural as I don’t care much for prescriptions, I was at a loss and went to the dermatologist.  The dermatologist gave me a prescription and sent me on my way.  She, in fact, gave me 2 prescriptions because she felt that maybe my hormones were out of whack and needed some help.  The trouble with that is the prescription she gave me could cause kidney failure.  Nice.  Cystic acne OR kidney failure…. trust me as obvious as that answer should be… kidney failure wasn’t looking like such a big risk.  I decided that as tempting as it was to rid myself of this problem with one pill I would take a couple of weeks to research cystic acne and another solution before taking any internal meds.

I’d begun to notice a correlation between the dairy I was eating (large amounts of organic yogurt) and acne.  I should mention here that I tend to find a food I like and then eat LOADS of it… ok, live off of it, but, yogurt is healthy right??  Ummm… that is debatable.

I decided to cut all dairy out of my diet while I was still researching and noticed that my acne cleared up almost immediately.  It was such a noticeable improvement that I felt there had to be something to it.  I found an article about dairy and cystic acne that suggested the hormones in dairy products could cause issues in our own bodies.  Funnily, I had thought by avoiding dairy products that were not organic, substituting goat cheese for a few cheeses, and avoiding dairy products that contained rBGH that I would not be at risk for some of the side affects associated with these.  However, the article, I read made an excellent point and that is… that ALL animals contain hormones.  So whether you are eating sheep, goat, or cow, you are still ingesting hormones (organic or otherwise).  It also touched on the fact that humans are the only animals that continue to drink milk after infancy (my adult cat would like to add that he rejects this comment vehemently).

I still do, occasionally, have dairy, although I try very hard to avoid it. Another symptom of dairy that I could find (or maybe this was too much dairy) is inflammation.  Dairy can also make the body ‘acidic’ which I am learning more about.  My own body happens to be soooo acidic that I have the magical ability to turn white gold… yellow.  Therefore, I can wear nothing but platinum.  Feel free to use this excuse yourself 😉 lol

So, if you are experiencing acne or hormonal issues, even inflammation of the joints…. of course, check with your doctor first (always check with your doctor) but you might want to consider removing dairy products from your diet if your only other option is a drug that might cause kidney failure (or other unpredictable symptom).

Disclaimer:  I am not a doctor of any kind (not spin, witch, or of the “Who” variety) 😉


5 Responses to “Dairy… to moooo or not to moo?”

  1. Shelby said

    My cystic acne got so bad that I actually took Accutane. I’m with you on natural remedies and not taking meds, so that’s how bad it was. It really helped (after dealing with the lovely side effects). I used to eat gigantic amounts of dairy. Shortly after discontinuing, I had stopped eating dairy. Now, as I’ve started to introduce dairy back in (in tiny quantities) my jawline, necks, and cheeks are absolutely covered with huge ‘cysts’ averaging 2cm at the base of them. They are so painful. Good-bye dairy! Are you still having success with it? I hope this helps. I forgot how painful and mortifying this is!!

    • YoginiJen said

      Hi! Thanks for the comment. Yes, I still don’t eat dairy. When I do have even a little the cystic acne comes right back. They are huge and horribly itchy. Since writing this blog I’ve found a whole bunch of people that are experiencing the same problems. It’s too bad too because I love dairy. I’m so happy you were able to discover what the issue was for you! Good luck!

  2. Lydia said

    Hi, very good article. I have exactly the same problem. It took me whole year to work out what is causing cystic acne on my neck and jawline. It was really bad and painful. Then I finally found out it was milk causing it. It’s gone now, but every time consume even small amount of milk or dairy it shows on my neck again.

    • Jen said

      Hi Lydia, thanks for commenting! I’m so happy you discovered what it was that was causing it. It can be both embarrassing and, as you said, painful. I’m the same way – if I have even the smallest amount my neck and jawline begin to break out. I’ve also noticed that gluten (and sometimes dairy) can cause a painful rash around the right side of my mouth 😦 Sadly gluten free / dairy free pizza just is a bit… ick 😉 Have an awesome day! -Jen

  3. Micklyn said

    Great article. Will have to think about it.

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