Hopped Up on Happy


Recently while driving from point A to point B, my son, who happened to be in the car with me, began pondering the complexity of happiness.

Happiness used to seem like a given. I would wake up, the sun would shine, I would of course, hate going to school, but would love to see my friends and even found joy in my class binder (usually puppy themed) or a new pencil my mom had bought me. Life was simple and for the most part, life was good.

However, now seem to be bombarded with ads for reasons why we might not be happy. Are we really unhappy because we actually _are_… or because we’ve been told to be? (I do love a good ‘mind control conspiracy theory’, throw in a zombie with a moustache and I’m completely elated) 😉

Is there a secret formula to happiness? I can imagine, for me, it’s a gentle mixture of creativity, yoga and exercise, that gut chuckling laughter, receiving as many hugs from my children as possible, and being the best version of myself.. so far none of those involve possessions… yet, a box delivered from Amazon makes my heart skip a beat (or 3).

So, what makes you happy? And, what, if we were mad scientists working on an absolute certainty of … would that look like to you?

We are in a pondering mood today 😉